Marie Janicek

Marie Janicek is a former professional dancer and choreographer. After graduating from Columbia University in NYC, her desire to be self-sufficient and learn how to take care of her body and own dance injuries led Marie to become a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. For over 8 years, she has been fascinated by exploring movement as thoroughly as possible, deepening her scientific knowledge of the body by studying with experienced dancers, choreographers & fitness professionals, gaining a variety of training certifications. Since then, Marie has developed her own movement modality and has co-founded Evolna, an intuitive movement lifestyle company helping people create a more fulfilling relationship to their body and self.

• Graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University with a degree in PreMed and Dance

• Equinox Tier-X Trainer

• International Contemporary Dance Teacher

• NCSF Certification

• Pre-Post Natal Certification

• Kettlebell Athletics Certification

• Animal Flow (Level 1, Level 2, Advanced Flow Design) Certification

• FRC-MS Certification

• Institute of Motion (Level 1, Level 2) Certification

• Precision Nutrition Certification

• TRX Certification

• Trigger Point Therapy Certification