Amy Slater

Amy holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science, a Practitioner
of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and holds two national personal training certifications. Amy also has
upper level training in postnatal fitness and women’s health. She has been a personal trainer for twenty
years working with clients ranging from 9 to 95. Amy’s passion for movement started young as when she
competed in multi day adventure racing, professional cycling and elite trail racing. When the adventure
pursuits transitioned to motherhood she went on to have two sets of twins. Amy has unique personal
experience as a mom as well as professional experience working as a women’s health coach. She
recovered a very large diastasis, rectocele, went through and recovered from a full abdominoplasty and
developed protocols along the way to help other women. Amy currently runs Amy Slater Coaching where
her mission is to help women restore their core and pelvic floor from the inside out using her Resilient
Mama Method with functional lab testing and a whole body approach to core training.