Leo Totten

Leo Totten is President and Head Coach of Totten Training Systems, LLC, one of the top training businesses for coaches and athletes utilizing the Olympic lifts and their variations for improved strength and power. Totten's background includes many years in the field as an athlete, teacher and coach. As an athlete, he has participated in numerous sports himself with, of course, weightlifting being his #1, competing in 2 Olympic Trials and 8 National Championships. His teaching background spanned over 32 years where he was a 3 time Outstanding Teacher nominee and built a strong weight training curriculum that is still utilized to this day. His education background lent itself perfectly to a long and successful coaching career at the high school level and beyond. He has been named as one of the 65 Most Influential Strength Coaches of All Time, winner of the USA Weightlifting Coaching Excellence Award and has earned the USAW Level 5 (Senior International Coach) ranking. Leo has been coach or team leader for Team USA at 2 Olympics, 3 Pan Ams and 5 World Teams. His team, East Coast Gold WL Team, has won numerous Men’s and Women’s National Team titles and he continues to groom more and more athletes and coaches for top level competition.