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“Incorporating Multi-Planar Movements to Enhance Strength, Flexibility, and Performance”

The material covered in this interactive workshop is based on the spiral-diagonal patterns of PNF and presents a broad overview of methods/strategies for integrating multi-planar movements into strength training and flexibility sessions to improve performance across a wide variety of sport activities.

Although normal movement occurs in multiple planes, traditional gym-based exercises are typically performed through a single plane of motion. Relying solely on single-plane strength and flexibility work can create performance-related and injury-related issues when the athlete is required to perform in multiple planes.

Even a cursory look at sports like soccer, American football, hockey, and UFC, confirms that multi-planar movement patterns are critical to performing well. Coaches who emphasize the ability to work effectively in multiple planes of motion will enhance the development of their athletes.

This session is geared to fitness professionals who have minimal experience with PNF Stretching/Strengthening theory and techniques.

Learning Objectives:

Dynamic Flexibility:

  • Students will be familiar with current concepts of flexibility training
  • Students will be able to discuss when and why to incorporate dynamic flexibility into an exercise routine
  • Students will know the basic patterns of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and how to use them as part of a dynamic warm-up

Strength Training Using Spiral Patterns:

  • Students will be able to discuss and demonstrate how and why to transform standard strengthening exercises into multi-planar patterns of motion that mimic natural movements
  • Students will be able to explain the importance of and emphasis on eccentric work
  • Students will understand safety factors in the use of spiral patterns for dynamic flexibility and strengthen training
  • Students will be able to Demonstrate proper biomechanics when performing these three-dimensional techniques
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